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Board of Governors

Here at the South Orange Performing Arts Center, one of our greatest assets is the Board of Governors who serve as ambassadors for SOPAC in the community, and lend their expertise and guidance to many aspects of administration and operations. These dedicated volunteers donate their time and talents to guiding and leading SOPAC. They foster a culture of serving SOPAC’s patrons and the community with arts experiences of the highest quality while adhering to SOPAC’s mission. 

We gratefully acknowledge the dedication and outstanding service of our Board of Governors, both past and present, whose governance has made the South Orange Performing Arts Center what it is today.

Board Officers

Paul Bartick, Chair
Larry Brodey, Vice-Chair 
Douglas Newman, Treasurer 
John Zoubek, Assistant Treasurer 

Maureen Gammon, Secretary
Donna Coallier, Assistant Secretary

Board Members

Lisa E. Davis
Dr. Paul Desjardins
Jeremy Dobrish 
Omari Frazier
Mark Garner
Randall E. Haase
Diana Hart
Melanie Hoffmann
Summer Jones
Anthony Leitner
Robert Sandow
Leo Sender 
Peter W. Shoemaker, PhD
Arthur Taylor
Karlyn Volk
Carl Wolf 
Johanna L. Wright
Deirdre Yates
Bob Zuckerman, South Orange Village Center Alliance
Sheena Collum, South Orange Village President
Stephen Schnall, South Orange Village Trustee Liaison