Sunday, April 24 at 7PM

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Alex Tea is a Roots/Reggae songwriter and multi-instrumentalist residing in Jersey City. His current projects include the band Kiwi, the international collaboration Orquestra Raiz, and the Jersey City Roots Orchestra.

The 2022 Jazz & Blues in the Loft series are dedicated to Lee Boswell-May, longtime curator of Jazz in the Loft. Lee will always be affectionately remembered for helping to “keep the music alive” in South Orange.

Alex Tea

Alex Tea is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist living in Jersey City. In addition to various original musical projects, he has done backup vocal arrangement and recording with producers Pat Van Dyke, Victor Rice, Curumin, Klaus Sena, Jim the Boss, and Esteban Descalzo, and appeared on recordings by Saulo Duarte e a Unidade, Elliot Martin, Paula Cavalciuk, and Kika (Brazil), in addition to many others.

His current musical endeavors include a continuation of the Roots Reggae project, Kiwi, which he co-founded and led from 2003-2016; Orquestra Raiz, an international collaboration with São Paulo-based producer Klaus Sena; and a conceptual project fusing elements of Electro-Pop, Soul, Folk, Funk and Roots. In addition to his main projects, he writes, produces and records in a variety of genres and formats (i.e. Jersey City Roots Orchestra). He was an active contributor at Hoboken Hi-Fi and founding member of the house band. In the nearly two decades since he dedicated himself to composing, he has amassed an original catalog of over 150 songs, soundscapes and jingles.

Of his latest single Away, says, “put this on your next mixtape with Beach House, Lana Del Rey and Low and you’ll lower your blood pressure by 30 points.”

Jazz & Blues in the Loft

Get your groove on at the Jazz & Blues in the Loft concert series. Hear world-class artists from the region in the cabaret-style setting of the SOPAC Loft.

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Jazz in the Loft is curated and hosted by John Lee.
Blues in the Loft is curated and hosted by Mike Griot.

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