I Know I’m Somebody! presented by Sheba Jordan in the SOPAC Loft

Wednesday, October 31 at 7:30PM

Tickets: $35
Box Office: (973) 313-2787

I Know I’m Somebody! is a play the whole family will enjoy. It’s a triumphant tale about love, friendship, and family value. All of Sheba Jordan’s writings and books are about empowering people, especially children and families. I Know I’m Somebody! is her masterpiece. It’s a story about The Joneses.

“Friendship lasts a lifetime. Family is forever!”
-Sheba Jordan, Playwright/Producer/Theatre Director

Tina and Tyrone Jones and their son Jr. had the perfect life together for 10 years until Tyrone lost his job, forcing his spoiled wife to become the breadwinner of the family. To make matters worse, Tina has a group of nosy girlfriends (who mean well) lead by sexy, sassy best friend Lisa who strays Tina into her world of “who needs a good man when you can get a fine man.” It isn’t long before Tina betrays her family and her world is in shambles. The couple’s son, Jr. is traumatized by Tina and Tyrone’s separation. Witnessing her son’s pain hastens Tina’s struggle to put the family back together.

The story also focuses on Karen who has locked herself into an abusive relationship despite constant clamoring and ridicule from her friends to get out of this situation before it is too late. Karen’s jubilant story is told through a beautiful dance and an emotional song called “I Know I’m Somebody!”

The play taps into almost all the human emotions. It will humor you. It will make you feel sad, angry, happy, loved. It will make you laugh and cry. You will leave feeling thoroughly entertained and proclaiming I Know I’m Somebody!

Filled with magical moments and unforgettable songs I Know I’m Somebody! is a sophisticated play. It’s about family. It’s about friendship. And knowing the value of them both.