On Display March 9 – May 7, 2023
Opening Reception March 9 from 5-8PM

PAPAVER (Poppy) features 24 exceptionally up-close photographs of the delicate poppy flower by photographer Stuart Tyson, an avid gardener and South Orange resident of 23 years. Of the many flowers and plants that inhabit his yard, the poppy is among the most stunning and interesting forms, but its time is fleeting. “The poppy offers a captivating, albeit brief, window of transformation,” says Tyson. “From its emergence as a furry bud through its unfolding like a butterfly’s wing to its inevitable withering and shedding petals to leave behind its most characteristic seed pod.”

“His poppy photographs are breathtakingly beautiful,” says Jeremy Moss, the Herb + Milly Iris Gallery curator. “Knowing Stuart’s love of the outdoors and his passion for gardening, I knew I needed to showcase his intimate flora photographs.”

The scientific name for poppies, PAPAVER endeavors to preserve a poppy’s brief time in bloom.  Tyson’s photographs highlight nature’s impeccable details—tissue paper-like petals, hairy stems, and yellow pollen-dusted stamens.  The photographs provide an astonishingly intricate examination of the flowers’ journey. Tyson explains, “I have strived to describe the sinuous revelations of form that poppies make through their short but spectacular lives.  Each and every stage of the poppy’s life cycle is a marvel to record.”

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Pictured above: Poppy-24

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SPRING 2023: Papaver

Artist: Stuart Tyson

MARCH 9 – MAY 7, 2023

Opening Reception: March 9 from 5-8PM




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