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Gerard Amsellem and Mikel Frank present a new way to continue to keep present quality art and film discussions during these very different times.

Explore the origins of modern film & now also visual art when you become a Film Club Member. Gerard Amsellem hosts two Zoom-based virtual series to raise funds for New Wave Productions so that La Cinémathèque Film Club programming may continue in person at SOPAC next year.

La Cinémathèque Film Club events are curated and hosted by educator, artist, and filmmaker Gerard Amsellem.

Virtual Series “Visionaries – Painters & Filmmakers”

“Painters” will feature the works of Claude Monet (Sunday, September 13 at 2pm) and Jackson Pollock (Sunday, December 13 at 2pm). Each event will include an educational lecture and group discussion.

“Filmmakers” will feature the works of Italian Neo-Realists (Sunday, October 11 at 2pm) and Ingmar Bergman (Sunday, November 15 at 2pm). Choose from a wide range of films to watch beforehand on your own and then each event will include a talk and group discussion.

Both two-part series can be attended for just $40, single two-part series for $25, or $15 for a single event. SOPAC members receive special pricing.

Gerard Amsellem

Gerard Amsellem is a French and American citizen. He spent the first 25 years of his life in Paris, France where he studied painting at the University of Paris and earned his Masters Degree in French Literature and Art History. In 1982, Gerard moved to the U.S. and continued to paint and develop his interest in film. His paintings have been exhibited in abroad in Paris and locally at GAS Gallery & Studio and at 1978 Maplewood Arts Center. Gerard has been studying film throughout his life. He currently teaches World Film at Livingston High School and has directed several short films. Gerard’s special interests lie in foreign and independent films from all over the world.

Questions about La Cinémathèque Film Club can be directed to Gerard Amsellem at