Monday, May 8 at 7:30PM

The Seton Hall University Chorus, Chamber Choir and Orchestra present the Annual Spring Concert, “A Celebration of Spring.”

The University Chorus and Chamber Choir (under the direction of Dr. Jason Tramm) will perform Mozart’s majestic Coronation Mass, K. 317 with orchestra and soloists.  The choir with all perform shorter works by Jacob Navarud, Elaine Hagenbuerg, Gwyneth Walker, Rollo Dilworth, Robert Cohen and others.

The Orchestra (under the direction of Prof. Anthony LaGruth) will feature both classical works and music from great films.

About the Seton Hall University Arts Council

The Seton Hall University Arts Council supports the integral role of the arts in higher education and their universally recognized status as a hallmark of an educated and humane culture. The Council contributes to the cultural vitality of the campus and to the University’s role in the greater community by fostering and promoting the visual, literary and performing arts, enhancing communication and collaboration among its members.

Voices & Visibility

Selection of this year’s programming was done in accordance with the Seton Hall University Arts Council’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion cultural programming theme of ‘Voices & Visibility’ and features work from and about groups that have been otherwise historically underrepresented.

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