Thursday, September 12 from 5-8PM

Join us for a reception to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition in The Herb & Milly Iris Gallery.

Barbara Bickart and Colleen Lineberry

Curated by Jeremy Moss
On Display September 12 – November 3, 2019

Opening Reception: THU, SEP 12, 5-8PM

Pictured: Petrichor, 2019 by Colleen Lineberry 

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Barbara Bickart and Colleen Lineberry are exceptionally talented artists who excel in many creative disciplines. They are also sisters. While their lives have taken different paths, there became conscious, subconscious and non-conscious crossing points throughout their adulthood.

The ‘convergence’ of these very different paths is at the core of this exhibition. The exhibit also hi-lights their considerable talent and allows you to submerge yourself in their journey. Bickart and Lineberry show mastery of abstraction to convey a narrative about the world around them.

Bickart’s love of maps and handwriting are worked with textures from paper, ink and paint additives, such as salt, to create one-of-a-kind abstract navigations.

“I love that handwriting is specific and unique to an individual, like a thumbprint. I love the intimacy that handwriting represents; I love receiving a handwritten letter or note, knowing that there was a real person on the other end of the communication, who paused to collect a thought or two and to write it down with the intention of communicating something, conveying an idea, exchanging information. I think of maps and analogue photographs in the same way.” -Barbara Bickart.

Lineberry’s journey of abstraction is a passionate path of energy and spirit, capturing a particular moment or place.

“I create many thin layers of paint, building texture and depth. I love the way this reflects the texture and layers of ancestry and personal history we bring to each moment. As I paint, my imagination meets the freedom and solace I gather during the process and color, shape, line and texture converge in a new work. I have learned to trust and love this mystery.” -Colleen Lineberry.

The sisters are both are arriving at new destinations with each new piece.

“As the curator of the Herb & Milly Iris Gallery, I am thrilled to be bringing ‘CONVERGENCE’ to our gallery. I love that we have our first sibling show and that it features two amazing artists. Their story is beautiful, engaging and thought provoking. Do not miss the chance to see this show and certainly, make a point of meeting the artists at the opening reception.” -Jeremy Moss.

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