Friday, December 13 at 8PM

Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton, a self-taught guitarist and singer, was raised in a family of 14 and formed his first Rock & Roll band in eighth grade. In high school he was in many garage bands, playing the music of the Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. He left his home in Syracuse, New York in 1988 and headed for Boston, encouraged by what he’d heard about the coffeehouse scene in that city. Despite the ultra-competitive nature of the Boston scene, with too many Folksingers and too few coffeehouses, Martin Sexton quickly rose through the ranks. He began playing his brand of soul-filled Folk music around Boston’s open-mic nights and street corners in 1989.

Martin Sexton was one of the most talked-about arrivals on the “New Folk” acoustic music scene. The guitarist, singer and songwriter, has an amazing vocal range and makes effective use of it on his recordings and in his live shows. His vocal style can be described as truly soulful, combining the best qualities of singers like Van Morrison, Al Green, Aaron Neville and Otis Redding.

Fiercely independent and headlining venues from The Fillmore to Carnegie Hall, he has influenced a generation of contemporary artists. His songs have appeared in television series such as Scrubs, Parenthood, Masters of Sex and in numerous films, though it’s his incendiary live show, honest lyrics, and vocal prowess that keep fans coming back for more. His performances are dynamic and bursting with depth and have earned him a devoted following among fans, peers and critics alike. People claim that Martin Sexton’s songs inspire them to make a change, go cross-country, and follow their hearts; to see a crowd at a Martin Sexton concert is to witness a cross-section of America.

In 2019 American singer-songwriter Martin Sexton extends touring in support of his ninth studio release Mixtape of the Open Road. The Wall Street Journal and CMT premiered tracks from the album that since garnered much critical acclaim.

“Martin Sexton is the best live performer I’ve ever seen… I may just quit my job and go follow Martin and make a fuss everywhere I go, just to make sure that people don’t go their lives without hearing this man sing to them.” ~John Mayer, musician


With a unique ability to combine musical genres and influences to craft songs that feel reflective and genuine, Mosa spans generations and genres while painting a timeless and captivating sound. Mosa is a New York based band led by Melissa Frabotta, with strong ups from Phil Anthony, who each bring a unique voice and perspective to the music. Backed by some of their closest friends on the bandstand, they’ve intertwined Rock ‘N Roll, Americana roots with the energy and unapologetic styles heard growing up in New York, creating a sound that’s both dynamic and interactive, while also balladry and delicate.

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