Thursday, January 30 from 6-9PM

Join us for a reception to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition in The Herb & Milly Iris Gallery.

Curated by Jeremy Moss

Pictured above: partial image of Almost Before I Ceased To Be Sensible, by Cat Delett

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As curator of The Herb + Milly Iris Gallery, I enjoy bringing a wide range of artistic talent to our space, and I relish presenting something new and unique. I am constantly looking to find artists creating in a new medium or who are inspired to go beyond their traditional borders.

As such, it is with extreme pleasure that we present The Curator’s Lens. This group show presents work from artists I have shown with, those I have curated before and those whose work I am lucky enough to enjoy in my personal collection. For this inaugural installation, we are presenting mainly local artists. I’ve been mindful to select newer works that have not yet been widely exhibited and several pieces are being presented publicly for the first time. This showcase has been wonderfully exciting for me to curate and I am confident you will enjoy and be inspired by the diverse and stunning work you see on the walls of the Gallery.  -Jeremy Moss, Curator

 For details, visit our Accessibility page.