Sunday, March 19 at 5PM & 8PM

In this 75-minute guided Reiki Energy Crystal Sound Bath, take a journey of sound and energy to recalibrate and balance the flow of energy throughout your entire body and lead you into deep rest and relaxation.

A Sound Bath is a beautiful and deeply immersive, full body listening experience that intentionally uses sound bowls to invite gentle, yet powerful, therapeutic, and restorative vibrations to activate the body’s subtle energy field.

To begin or deepen your healing journey, SOPAC turns its Loft into a calming place for you to catch your breath, slow down and connect to your own flow of well-being.  Lie back and experience a sense of peace, heart expansion, and a gentle reset through sound healing.

Grab your yoga mats, blankets, pillows, and your people. Let there be nothing else for you to do and nowhere else for you to be. Dress comfortably and prepare to relax deeply.

Sasha Green, a highly intuitive spirit guide, has lead Reiki Sound Baths and retreats around the world.  Sasha serves as an energy healer, one-on-one self-love coach, and inspirational speaker. Her insights and clarity offer a way to move beyond self-limiting beliefs: she guides you to trust, honor, and re-establish a healthy and loving connection to self through her heart-centered approach. Sound and energy are exceedingly efficient and effective tools for achieving physical homeostasis, mental clarity, and emotional harmony.

Whether you’ve experienced artistic healing modalities like this before or are simply looking for peace and connection, this is a unique happening worth experiencing!

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