Friday, May 7 at 8PM EST

Singer-songwriter Dana Fuchs is known for her burnt-honey vocals and bruisingly honest musical mix of Southern Rock, Soul, Roots and Blues. Her dazzling career began in the early aughts when she ignited the New York club scene with a run of Soul-drenched albums and a voice acclaimed by Classic Rock magazine as “juke-joint dirty and illicit, evoking Joplin, Jagger and a cigarette bobbing in a glass of bourbon.”


Both in-person tickets (limit of 100) & virtual tickets (unlimited) are available for this socially-distanced event.

Performance length will be approximately 60-75 minutes.
There will not be an intermission.
Doors will open at 7:45PM.
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About Dana Fuchs

It takes a brave artist to rip it up and start again. Anyone who has followed the life and times of Dana Fuchs will know this fearless New Yorker has always broken the boundaries in pursuit of art and truth. She blazed her own trail with her fourth, hotly anticipated album, Love Lives On, on which she bursts defiant from her darkest days with a sound inspired by the siren call of American Soul. “It’s a new beginning for me in every way,” Dana explains. “I’m looking forward to starting chapter two…”

Of course, chapter one was quite a ride. Raised in rural Florida, Dana Fuchs made her mark after a move to New York City, where she ignited Manhattan’s Blues-Rock circuit with her burnt-honey vocals and bruisingly honest songwriting. Meanwhile, her band’s acclaimed studio catalogue grew steadily, with 2011’s Love To Beg toasted as Classic Rock’s Blues album of the month and 2013’s Bliss Avenue dubbed “blisteringly good” by Bluesdoodles.

Now, out of that fascinating early career emerges an older, wiser Dana Fuchs, armed with the album of her life. New label. New city. New sound. New possibilities for an artist who has so far only hinted at her potential. “Love Lives On,” she says, “is who I am at this moment in time, captured on tape…” “This album is all about hope and perseverance,” she says. “It’s a new beginning for me in every way…”