Monday, April 1 at 7PM

The Columbia High School Jazz Ensemble is pleased to present its Final Gala Concert!

This concert is the culmination of the season’s hard work in learning and performing various Jazz styles, including Big Band, Swing, Smooth, and Funk. The evening will celebrate Jazz music, a truly American art form, through the works of legendary Jazz musicians such as buddy Rich, Tommy Dorsey, and Miles Davis, among others.

The Jazz Ensemble would like to express its gratitude to the Columbia High School Cougar Boosters for their continued support, as well as to SOPAC, the Orange Orphan Society, and the Bergen Foundation for giving the Jazz Ensemble the opportunity to work with local Jazz legends John Lee (bass guitar), Alex Collins (piano), Mark Gross (saxophone), Freddie Hendrix (trumpet), Jason Jackson (trombone), and Karl Latham (drums). These individuals have devoted their time to visit rehearsals and coach sectionals, which has indelibly impacted the group’s success.


About the CHS Jazz Ensemble

The Columbia High School Jazz Ensemble is an extracurricular ensemble comprised of over thirty instrumentalists from grades 9-12.  The Ensemble rehearses twice a week beginning in November, studying various styles and genres of jazz repertoire, supporting individual student learning and proficiency, and reinforcing essential concepts of advanced musicianship through studying and performing a wide range of jazz repertoire.

The Jazz Ensemble also performs at various civic, community, and school events, including the CHS Cougar Boosters’ annual Golf Outing in May, and participates in several adjudication festivals in spring.


CHS Students in Last Year’s Jazz Performance