In the Community


People of all ages are touched by the arts in ways that inspire them to think, act, challenge, change and live. We know that the arts create a more deeply enriched community filled with diverse, involved, and creative individuals.

SOPAC offers an eclectic mix of educational and community programs; collaborates with artists, and acts as a champion for the arts by helping to make the arts an integral part of the community’s collective, daily experience.

We strive to honor all aspects of the performing arts offering theatre, dance, classical and popular music, one-night engagements, and Broadway musicals.

Through educational initiatives, outreach efforts, collaborations, and community partnerships, SOPAC strives to inspire a greater appreciation for creativity and the arts as an essential component to the fabric of our community.

Myriad supporters, tireless volunteers, individual donors, private foundations, public corporations, and local, state, and federal governments have joined SOPAC in this undertaking.

This support has enabled SOPAC to build audiences by offering programs that make this magnificent building accessible to the entire community it serves.

Whether the experience involves seeing a live performance, attending an arts workshop or performing on stage in a world-class performance hall, the South Orange Performing Arts Center brings people from all walks of life together under one roof to share in extraordinary artistic experiences.