Styletainment the Show (A Cancer Survivor Story)

Sunday, November 5 at 5PM

Tickets: $60
Box Office: (973) 313-2787

Styletainment The Show is a theatrical production that fuses the arts of Style and Entertainment from a unique point of view. It is a narration in movement, telling the powerful story of a cancer survivor’s determination to live her life with strength and gratitude in the face of extraordinary difficulties–and her ultimate triumph. It is about the faith, perseverance and self-determination of a little girl who dared to dream.

Weaving together a poetic tapestry of blissfulness through the universal language of music, fashion, and dance, Styletainment The Show takes the audience on an uplifting and inspirational journey of tremendous beauty, style, fantasy, mystery, seduction, and creative energy.

Presented by:
          Q Entertainment
          Judex “Mr. Good Life” Entertainment
          Mike Lowery Entertainment

Appropriate for ages 18 and up.